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We are always looking for good distributors around the world. Do you have distribution experience and interest in joining our journey?

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A very important part in our growth strategy is to have good local distributors for our products. We have a growing net of distributors, and a clear strategy of how to communicate and work together with these partners around the world.

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Here below you can read more about the benefits and requirements.


As distributor you will get the opportunity to work with a genuine, expansive and innovation driven company. Our products will give your product portfolio increased strength in both quality and design aspects and the attractive products will open up new doors for your business.

You will get access to our distributor's portal, where you always find the latest news, the best information and our handy web shop. You will also get our monthly newsletter, which goes out to all our distributors with news, tips and information.

You will also get selling tips, marketing material and new products and designs before anyone else.

As a distributor you will always get the best prices and our good distributor rebates, so that you will be competitive on your market.


To secure a high quality in everything that we do, we are very keen on making demands on our partners. Our distributors are our representatives on their domestic market and it is very important that this is done in a good and professional way.

To be able to become a distributor of the Infoband Retail Collection there are some major requirements. Of course you need to have a serious and registered company, with a valid VAT number. Furthermore you need a product portfolio containing more than one brand that you distribute. In other words, our products shall not be the first ones that you will distribute. We also want you to give us contact information to at least one of the products/brands that you distribute. This will make it easier for us to obtain information about you as a company and how you work as a distributor.

We do not demand any specific size of your company. The important thing is that you are big enough to handle your local market, and that everyone in your company or team is involved in the distribution of our products.

To be a distributor you must be able to offer a wide assortment of our products. You have to be able to buy and store a sufficient amount of products to be able to offer a great variety and volume to your retailers.

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We have lots of great distributors around the world, with connections and knowledge about their country. If you want to order from your local distributor, please find the contact information here below.